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Star Citizen News – Narcotics, Missions & Vanguard Updates

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News.This time for the week ending the 28th of April. Going over the week’s goings on in the Community, Roadmap Updates & Official Shows, highlights this time include the Vanguard Rework & Information on Narcotics and where to sell them.

Let’s Start with the Weekly Newsletter

“Citizens are in the ‘verse exploring Alpha 3.5, while the devs are continuing work on quality-of-life improvements to be rolled out in a smaller upcoming patch, so keep reporting every issue you encounter.

As development thunders on towards Alpha 3.6, our weekly update series returns with a new name, a revamped format, and a focus on taking you inside Star Citizen’s development firsthand.

Also this week: the Rhedd brothers bring it home, Jump Point walks the path of the tortoise, and our live Friday show changes its name to Star Citizen Live while delivering the same shenanigans you crave.”

This week’s Sneak Peek was of the MagLev Transit System at microTechP

All of the links to this weeks news and the newsletter can be found below.

3.5 Hotfix Patch

Star Citizen 3.5 Alpha is LIVE and had a Hotfix helping deal with some of the major issues that the LIVE build suffered. Ships can now leave Planetary Major Landing Zones


For the Persistent Universe and 3.6 there was significant progress on Rest Stop Stations, FPS Weapon Attachments, Vanguard Rework & the Law System.

For Squadron 42 a lot of the Chapters have seen delays / rescheduling pushing them back a Quarter or so. This means all  of them are planned for their Production & Polish for Q2 2020 now, so we could potentially see a delay of these by at least a quarter in the future, we will have to wait and see.

Feature wise as with Star Citizen last week there are 3 features pushed from Q2 to Q3 – FPS Close Combat, Player Status System and NPC Healing.

Star Citizen AI has seen a lot of work and tasks completed across the board too.

Around The VerseHas been rebranded to Inside Star Citizen & is now very much hosted by Disco Lando and has well polished segments / news items.

The old CPU Particle & Lighting Systems are being replaced with a new GPU one that is much better for performance and quality.

They showed the Vanguard Rework Progress.
The central interior modules, loadouts and colors of the Vanguard will change between the variants BUT the rest of the ship is now standardized across all of the hull’s including the Hoplite. There is a dedicated componet Room, beds for crew/living area, equipment storage.
The Warden has some form of Server Station to interact with.
The Harbinger has a Torpedo launcher and station in it’s central module.
The Hopilte seating for an additional 6 troops and storage for 12 standard weapons & 2 heavy.

There were also some updated Concepts for Orison the Crusader Landing Zone planned for 3.9.
It’s a very clean kind of planned community style, green, clean, floating platforms and shipyards.

On Reverse The Verse (Now Star Citizen Live) they played through the Twitch Pacheco Mission.

Completing other missions and building up Rep is the best way of getting chosen for/a mission being generated from a mission giver mission that are appropriate to you.

Reputation, Virtue, CrimeStat are all working in game now.

Reliability is built up by Completing missions, if you are unable to complete one try to abort it rather.

The Twitch Counter Mission (Seize & Destroy) is generated when someone gets close to the Underground Bunker/Store house that is on the mission. It is available for upto 4 players to accept that have a positive/neutral virtue, basically not for criminal and outlaw players.

“Very Soon” they should be able to spawn NPCs to reinforce / take and get involved with these missions while they are in progress.

In the Twitch Mission the Box of Maze (the mission item) along with all the other narcotics boxes can be destroyed. (Other than the maze) The dozens and dozens of boxes are actually cargo & as such they can also all be sold (at GrimHex other than SLAM which is sellable at Rest Stop Hurston L5) and range from Widow, Slam, Neo, Etam & Altrutoxin. Which can now also be purchased from various new drug labs on moons around the Stanton System.

In the future they are talking about if you destroy these packages near NPCs / players then they will suffer effects of the particular narcotic.