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Star Citizen News – Mission Features

Welcome to some more Star Citizen News, we had a lot of information on Mission Features for the future but we will also look at Summaries from the week of  Roadmap Updates, Inside Star Citizen that looked at New Babbage & the Star Citizen Newsletter all for the week ending the 4th of August.

Newsletter – Ballista Explains it All

The new Anvil Ballista is a tough customer touting an impressive missile payload, that much is clear. But the devil’s in the detail. That’s where our official Q&A comes in, with the vehicle’s designers answering the community’s top questions about Anvil’s anti-aircraft animal. Don’t forget to watch the newly dropped Ballista commercial as well. Trust us, you won’t know what hit you.

Also this week: Spectrum heats up with an ad for an upcoming series that promises to be chock full of thrills and chills, Subscribers get the chance to test-drive all four Cyclone variants all month long, and Inside Star Citizen offers an early look at the New Babbage landing zone.


This week’s Sneak peek in the news letter was of the Vanguard Harbinger’s Central Module Room complete with big missile viewing station xD

3.6.1 PTU – Candidate

There is currently an extremely promising LIVE candidate on the PTU 3.6.1e that has a large percentage of the really annoying bugs in 3.6’s branch fixed as well as having solid performance.

Roadmap wise we have a lot coming up with 3.7 planned for the end of September, an interim patch before that and even the Q2 2020 patch being added to the Roadmap with a very likely bit of rescheduling of current patches too coming SOON? Currently though.

For 3.6.x branch Shield Tech Systems Rework is completed and the 890 Jump has seen a few tasks finished.

Alpha 3.7 Rest Stop Interior Variations have seen 22 new tasks added as well as 6 more completed.

The Vanguard variants Harbinger & Sentinel have seen a good amount of work and the the Salvo Pistol a little bit.

Alpha 3.8 32 Tasks have been added to the V1 of New Babbage as well as seeing 7 completed.

There was a tiny bit of progress on the Anvil Carrack too.

In 3.9.0 Orison saw a little bit of Progress too.

Inside Star Citizen looked at New Babbage’s white box phase, the Landing Zone of Planet microTech planned to be in 3.8. The part they showed of this was the main shopping area, with microtech’s premiere store in the centre and then shops surrounding that, it’s like a hospital green house with lots of light and plants. They also talked about Item Misfires and the Law System that is already in 3.6.

Star Citizen Live – Summary – Mission Features Team

In regard to Mission Sharing – They have been working on it & prototyping it.

Most missions are suitable for porting over to mission sharing, some missions are not (like scramble races). This functionality will potentially rolled out in batches of missions.

They need to refactor some of these missions for the dynamic mission & sharing system.

They mentioned they had been using SSOCS and it’s like night and day performance wise, like CSOCS all over again which is a great thing to hear.

The future of interacting with items and screens in missions will vastly change the game.

They like PvP Missions and want to pit players against each other, they kind of want better signposting for PvP / PvE

They want the Clovis Darnley mission to spawn more often.

They reconfirmed there will be both modular dynamic missions but also Hand made – Theme Park Ride Missions, Like the PI wanted mission, Missions may have webs of events and other potential mission opportunities during the mission

There could be lots of sub-mission givers in interesting places

Missions may branch while you’ll on them, multiple ways to do them, multiple endings.

Players will be able to make missions for other players

They could lego missions together and it’s effectively an evolution of Service Beacons

Tessa Bannister has new lines and they are currently holding her back a bit for some newer gameplay types, for scanning and S&R.

There will be Cave Missions, like Lost and found type ones, find what happened to this guy or retrieve an item. It’s more that they will be added to the pool of where a mission might take you. There is going to be some form of Mining & harvestables in caves.

Some caves will be Inhabited caves

The first iteration of NPCs in cave will likely be hostile, but others in the future.

They want to make anything to do with caves believable / context and flow

Mission Markers would probably be at the entrance or nearby allow you to find a cave if it’s need for a mission, you’ll kind of understand where to go, maybe a bit of a search.

Missions can give or lend you vehicles to use, Retrieve X resources or cargo using a Prospector for example.

Ground vehicles will be important in the future with Weather – environmental hazards – anti air & more restricting ships movements on planets.

They talked about the near  future plans for the Law System, with the 1st implementation of paying off Fines you will be required you to visit a fine Kiosk in the appropriate area.

Potentially wire transfers in the future & you will be able to Hack Down fines & more functionality with hacking will be coming.

If you don’t pay your fine within a certain time / or amount it will become a felony which is harder to deal with rep damage or greater fines, they may send debt collectors after you too.

Eventually you’ll be able to get arrested & their will be prisons.

The current hacking is using New “building blocks” UI stuff and is a test of interactive screens in game. Some things will be easy to hack. Hacking chips can help override but won’t be essential.

Counter Hacking / alarms are being talked about.

You may be able to hack turrets on comm arrays or bunkers in the future.

To make them blind or even turn them to attack your enemies

They want to be able to give uniforms and loot for missions, not just aUEC.

There is an 890 Jump FPS Mission that they’ve been prototyping, it sounds like either attacking or defending one that’s being boarded.